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Paul K. Chappell

Paul K. Chappell is an international peace educator and serves as the Peace Literacy Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. He graduated from West Point, was deployed to Iraq, and left active duty as a Captain. Realizing that humanity is facing new challenges that require us to become as well-trained in waging peace as soldiers are in waging war, Chappell created Peace Literacy to help students and adults from all backgrounds work toward their full potential and a more peaceful world. 

Peace Literacy frames peace not merely as a goal, but as a practical skill-set that allows us to increase realistic peace in our lives, communities, nations, and the world. Peace Literacy also helps us fully develop our human capacity for empathy, conscience, reason, and realistic hope.

Chappell is the author of the seven-book Road to Peace series about ending war, waging peace, the art of living, and our shared humanity. The first six published books in this series are Will War Ever End?, The End of War, Peaceful Revolution, The Art of Waging Peace, The Cosmic Ocean, and Soldiers of Peace.

Lecturing across the country and internationally, he also teaches college courses and workshops on Peace Literacy and Peace Leadership and leads a Peace Literacy curricular development team for k-12 and higher education.

Chappell was raised in Alabama, the son of a Korean mother and a half-black and half-white father who was a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars. Having grown up in a violent household, Chappell has forged a new understanding of war and peace, rage and trauma, and vision, purpose, and hope. His website is; for more information about the Peace Literacy curricular project, visit




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Picture taken with Paula Garb, co-director and co-founder of UC Irvine’s Center for Citizen Peacebuilding during Peace Week at UC Irvine (January 2015)


Picture taken with Vietnam veteran Dan Gallagher at the Peace and Justice Studies Association conference in San Diego. He is featured in the film “Beyond the Divide,” a documentary about healing the divide between veterans and peace activists. (October 2014)


 Global Peace Convention in Kenya (November 19, 2010)

Lagilagi with Paul K. Chappell, August 11, 2010

Pictured above is my friend Lagilagi, who served in the Fijian military in Special Forces. He was tortured, had seven ribs and the bones in his face broken, and spent eight years in prison, but he has learned to forgive and is now an inspiring soldier of peace. He told me that when soldiers leave the military, they are still duty-bound to serve others, and he feels duty-bound to work for peace. His wise words remind me of the philosophy of West Point, which taught me that life is about serving others. (August 11, 2010)


In Cleveland, Ohio with Chico (dog), James (who served as a medic in Iraq), and Reuben (June 2010)


Ralph and Christine Dull with Paul K. Chappell (October 2009)

Paul K Chappell, Fort Bliss

Fort Bliss, Texas (February 2009)

Paul K. Chappell

Command Photo (July 2008)


Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Mascot—Yume (which means “dream” in Japanese).

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