Why World Peace Is Possible, 2016 WATCH NOW
West Point graduate and Iraq War veteran Paul K. Chappell speaking to 1200 people at the outdoor Hall of Philosophy of the Chautauqua Institution about realistic hope, the need for peace literacy, the myth that human beings are naturally violent, and the possibility of ending war between nations.
Why Does Our World Need Peace Literacy? 2017 WATCH NOW
Paul K. Chappell discusses the movement to create a peace literate world. Peace literacy is a movement of educators and concerned citizens who want to empower people with the training, skills, and understanding needed to heal the root causes of our problems, rather than merely addressing surface symptoms. A peace literate world is a secure, just, and prosperous world. 
Tavis Smiley Interview
Tavis Smiley Interview, 2012 (new link TBA)
The retired U.S. Army captain, peace activist and author of Peaceful Revolution describes being “pro-military, anti-war” and speculates on whether world peace is possible.
Is World Peace Possible? 2011 WATCH NOW
West Point graduate, author, and former army captain Paul Chappell discusses if world peace is possible and whether human beings are naturally violent or peaceful.
The Power of Waging Peace, 2010 WATCH NOW
Paul Chappell speaking at Colman McCarthy’s Peace Studies class at American University. This video was part of a talk filmed by Book TV and broadcast nationally on C-SPAN.
Waging Peace Documentary
Waging Peace Documentary, 2010 WATCH NOW
An online documentary about solving our national and global problems through discovering our shared humanity and uniting people to take action for peace. Enjoy this short scene from the first episode.